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Open scrolling

Wednesday, 29 August 2018 08:09

Less than one year after the takeover of OPEN, GALVASTEEL is proud to announce that the 1000th scrolling systems has been manufactured in our factory of St Martin de Seignanx in France.

The technical and sales team are now operational and have made it possible to design, manufacture and provide scrolling systems to many customers in France but also abroad which represents more than 50% of our activity.

Most of our customers have opted for OPEN products for its high reliability but also for its extremely optimized maintenance system which allows our customers to remotely monitor the status of their entire panel network and thus reduce maintenance costs. Thanks to its integrated encoder, the OPEN scrolling system dispenses with sensor for aluminum adhesive, which is responsible for 80% of untimely shutdowns on 8m² scroller. With its motors integrated in the rolls it exempts you from belts which are source of noise and additional maintenance.